Pet dentistry in Chesterfield, MI

We offer general dentistry to improve the health of your cat or dog's teeth and gums, and regular preventive care to avoid future issues. For preventive dental care for your cat or dog, call the professionals at North Gratiot Veterinary Hospital. At our Chesterfield, MI center, we offer anxiety-free dentistry with a commitment to make all procedures as easy and comfortable as possible for all our patients. From general to preventive dental care, we will let you know what to expect before any procedure, and we won't perform any dental work on your pet without your prior approval. In addition, our experienced staff provides you with advice aimed at preserving your oral health of your cat or dog during each visit.
We provide the latest techniques in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery to benefit your pets' well-being and improve their general health. We are committed to educating our clients on their pets' oral problems and providing the most appropriate treatment in order to maintain or restore their pets' health. Our staff offers years of experience in the clinical practice of small animal dentistry and oral surgery.
Dental Toothbrush in the Mouth of the Dog — Veterinary Hospital in chesterfield, MI